Hefty little stinker!

Just a quick update. Our little guy is officially in a crib now and seems to be enjoying the freedom. Well, freedom for us in the sense that we don’t have to reach him through port-holes and we can stick our faces right in his gob unencumbered. He’s wrapped up tighter than a drum in a receiving blanket 95% of the time! He does get to hear everything that’s going on now, so maybe he enjoys that. Given that he still sleeps like a log, he doesn’t seem to mind! It was about time that the little dude moved out. Adair has quite the stinky bum. Seriously, I’m not sure how something so tiny can produce a smell so foul. We would open up his incubator and the stench would waft out from the port-holes! Apparently the fortifier they add to his breast milk can make him gassy and that sure seems to be the case. Right now, the beautiful blanket given to us by Auntie Erin’s Grandma has proven to be a perfect place for toots to hide. Instead of opening up a port-hole, we now lift his blanket and are greeted with his offerings!

On the less foul side, he’s grown quite a bit over the past week and weighed 1945 grams two days ago. Tonight I’m hoping that he’s close to the 2kg mark, if not over! His hi-flow was reduced from 4 to 2L yesterday and he had his eyes examined on Monday, so he may not have sprouted the way that I hope, but I’ll cross my fingers! Everyday there’s something new and we’re anticipating that he may make it back to Grand River before October- his bum pirates have just about been eradicated, so it actually seems possible. Must be all that gas ;)

Clare here, adding on to Adrienne’s above post with a pic of Pickle in his new crib and snuggled in his new blanket.
Another big step is the addition of non- nutritive suckling once daily. Basically he gets what they call “a lick and a sniff,” a chance to explore and smell my nipples without actually latching and drinking. That has to wait until his suck-swallow-breathe reflexes are fully developed. Yesterday was his first try and he seemed a bit unsure. I’m saving today’s attempt for tonight when Adrienne comes home from work so that she see and help position him. I hope it will help soothe him after his bath and it won’t be too much for him.

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4 Responses to Hefty little stinker!

  1. Chris Burley says:

    Slow but steady wins the race, and your little guy sure seems to be on his way. Looks like some of my prayers for him are being answered along with many others I’m sure. I’m happy for the three of you, and pray it will be home soon, as planned :)

  2. Rampaging Tuna says:

    YAY!!! CRIB!!! HIGH FLOW! ALMOST 2KG! YAY!!!! It seems like he’s just bombing right along! Yay Adair!

  3. Thom says:

    Wow, that little man is just making progress by leaps and bounds!! It must be such a joy to be able to see him in a crib and to be able to start moving towards more “typical” baby things like breast feeding, smelly bums, and clothes.
    Keep going Adair, keep going…

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