Bum pirates begone!


Adair’s bum pirates have been vanquished! Yesterday we got the all clear that all of Adair’s surveillance swabs came back negative. He’s no longer colonized and we’re no longer wearing the always fashionable yellow gowns and teal gloves. It’s like a bad 80s, early 90s outfit that was never really in fashion and oh-so uncomfortable to wear- the sleeves are either too short or baggy and the entire get up was more than a little cumbersome. Best of all, we get to touch him with our bare hands and I think that he is enjoying the change as well. It was lovely, if not confusing, to change his butt without gloves. I know I did a better job of keeping the poop where it should be and managed to not get on my hands. Although, I must confess that I found myself wondering if I should be changing his butt without gloves…he’s putting out some pretty monstrous poops! We gave him a tubby bath (again, no pics) tonight and it was so nice to feel his slippery little body in the water!

The little critter has been moved to a swanky new address across the hall complete with a window and, according to the nurses, a nice sunset view! He’s one step closer to transferring back to k-w and if he starts to figure out this breathing thing, he’ll be packed up in a terrarium and whisked back home in no time (and Clare will get to go along for the ride too, I think). Adair had to go back on hi-flow yesterday as well, but we’re confident that he’ll kick the habit soon enough :) His nurse tonight mentioned that he could be discharged on hi-flow, but I have a feeling he’ll be off it late this week and will stay off of it! We gave him a stern lecture last week about weaning the oxygen and he thumbed his nose and went back on it. So this week we’re trying positive encouragement and ignoring the oxygen entirely. A zen approach to promoting transition and growth. Hmm…that could make for an interesting thesis…

All of this good news has translated into a pair of relaxed parents. Ha! Kinda weird to use that term in a sentence. We were at a BBQ hosted by my cousins last night and my sister asked me what it’s like to be a mom, or something to that effect, and I told her in all honesty, I don’t always think of myself that way because he’s not with us all the time. I think it’ll hit home more once we are out of the hospital. And it’s hard to describe- I think about Adair all of the time and when I’m in Hamilton, I’m a parent going back and forth to the hospital. But outside of this context, it is like I’m a parent in waiting. Regardless, we were both able to enjoy ourselves last night and thankful for a night with family and food! It was much needed and appreciated!


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7 Responses to Bum pirates begone!

  1. Am says:

    Wow! He looks so big! Chubby even! Beautiful picture! Go Adair Go!

  2. Nikki says:

    What a great photo! Love his chubby little cheeks!!

  3. Marlas says:

    Wow! He does look chubby! And strong! So happy to see him growing :)

  4. Mary says:

    He looks great! It is amazing when they are out of the box and you can hold them all the time.

  5. kris c says:

    He is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Hugs and kisses to your beautiful son!

  6. pamelabarker says:

    Such a great picture with a radiant Claire and a Mr.Pudgins baby! :)
    Muah! The BBQ was fun. so great to see everyone. Loves!

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