Please don’t think we’re crazy…

Our little baby may be coming home soon. Adair is breast feeding well, so his NG tube has been pulled and we’re on a 48 hour trial to make sure he can eat well on his own steam, and keep gaining weight. As I type this, he’s undergoing his car seat test which is 1.5 hours in a car seat while they monitor his vitals.

So, here are a few things I need to share before we head home. Adair had serious lung disease which means he’s super susceptible to bugs and germs and they can be a real threat to his health. it doesn’t help that he’s going home at the start of cold and flu season. So, we may seem a little crazy and over protective for the next 6 months to a year as we balance protecting his immune system without putting him in a bubble. I get it! Three months ago I was the person that cursed anti-bacterial gels and soaps. Three months ago, I would have secretly questioned if the mom I am now was just a teensy bit paranoid. but three months ago, I didn’t know what I know now, and I hadn’t experienced a super long hospital stay that I’d prefer not to repeat any part of.

So, as much as we’re excited to introduce Adair to the world, we will be laying low this winter. We can’t take him to super-populated areas like the market, the grocery store, derby games, or even Adrienne’s convocation. There will be no visit to Santa this Christmas. We’ll probably restrict visitors but If you come over you will be asked to wash your hands before you touch him, and probably again a few times during your visit. If you or your kids are sick, please don’t come near. If we’re out for a walk, we’ll probably pull the sling over him to protect him from curious hands if someone approaches. We may even post a sign on his stroller. I may ask you if your pertussis booster is up to date. Please don’t be offended.

Yes, you may think we’re crazy, but please keep it to yourself. Trust me. We’ve done the research and we’ve been talked to by all the doctors. We’ll work on building his immune system on the schedule that’s right for him. All we ask is that you respect the decisions we have to make to protect Adair. Thanks for understanding!

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4 Responses to Please don’t think we’re crazy…

  1. Chantelle, Kim, Aidyn says:

    Well we don’t think you gals are crazy at all. Aidyn arrived healthy and we still spent the winter laying low, kept visitors down to short visits ( even when they arrived with supper) and everyone had to wash their hands a lot! When we work so hard to create a miracle why mess with it by being silly! Also there is Skype plus the three of you need serious bonding time as a family! So feel supported from us Winnipeg folk!

  2. Moira says:

    I am so, so excited for you guys that you are so close to coming home.

    And yes, quarantine works! J. came home in January, and until May she only went out to the doctor (and they would put us in an exam room immediately) or for short walks outside. If we all needed to go to the store, one of us would sit with her in the car while the other shopped. Many of our older relatives, who are not around many other children, visited, but we really limited contact with kids and people with kids. I teach at the college level, and I would come home, change clothes, and wash hands before touching the baby. She did not get sick at all during that period. Considering how awful it’s been to see her sick and wheezing as an older baby, I am really glad we took the precautions when she was tiny. Will you get the Synagis shots? We did them, and they gave us more peace of mind.

  3. Natasha says:

    You’re not crazy at all! I just went through 3 months of pertussis with Soleille and many hospital visits (one of which was because she stopped breathing and needed CPR). There is an outbreak in the region and even vaccinated people are picking this up …… so ….. do we think you’re crazy? No Way!! It is essential that you take these measures given how fragile his immune system is. You are doing fantastic by the way, and breast feeding will keep strengthening his immune system, but I can tell that you don’t need my advice. You are both fantastic mommies. Can’t wait until he is well enough to come and cheer us all in the stands.

    xoxo Beaver

  4. Heather Smyth says:

    Hi Clare and Adrienne–you’re doing the right thing, and it’s worth being very careful so that he doesn’t end up back at the hospital. People will understand. I was startled at how many strangers thought it was okay to reach out and touch Katherine’s face in the grocery store when she was a baby, so a sign taped to Adair’s carrier is not that extreme an idea. Make sure to find safe ways to be around other people so you don’t get too isolated: outdoor walks with healthy friends are good. Congratulations on coming so far and bringing him home!

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