Sandy makes you think

We haven’t written in some time, but after reading about the nicu evacuation at a hospital in New York, we are amazed at how lucky we are. When we were at Mac the power failed for about 30 seconds. For that time Clare and I stood in the dark and wondered what the hell was happening. In our case, excessive power consumption during the heat wave that hit Ontario in July resulted in a brown out. After 30s, the power was restored and many of the rts, nurse practitioners and doctors ran around the unit asking if anybody needed help bagging patients. It was frightening just thinking about the possibility that the power might fail. Later, we found a little bag with a knitted outfit in it. When we asked our nurse that day what it was for, she told us it was Adair’s evac suit. We laughed at the time, mostly because it was so darn cute, but now realize how important that outfit would’ve been in a crisis situation. What our nurse told us that day was that they evacuate the babies in an apparatus that has several pouches. The babies are placed in their slots and carried out and down to an evacuation point. Babies that are vented are bagged all the way down the stairs. When you think of the number of steps involved to keep these little fragile babies alive while they are stationary, imagine what it’s like doing it while walking down 9 flights of stairs. When you think of the amount of coordination and training that has to go into an evacuation, it is mind boggling. Our hearts go out to those parents and families who had to live through that experience and hats off to the health care providers who made sure the little ones got down safely.

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One Response to Sandy makes you think

  1. Isa says:

    I almost cried when I read about the babies needing to be evacuated, and I haven’t even had to face a nicu stay. In fact, thinking about it makes me want to cry right now. I hope that all of them got out of there safely and that their parents are able to deal with the fear of the whole situation.

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